About Us

Welcome to GoGreenKnights.com, the online home of Notre Dame High School of West Haven, CT.  Here you will find live coverage of more than 60 Notre Dame athletic and school events each year.

Founded in 2007, GoGreenKnights.com was created to provide a network for students, family, alumni, and Notre Dame supporters, from Rochester to Rome and all points in between, to keep in touch with the latest Notre Dame events. Led by a team of dedicated broadcasters and an ever changing line-up of color commentators and guest interviewees, GoGreenKnights.com provides viewers with expert commentary and in-depth analysis for every event. However, none of the GoGreenKnights.com broadcasts would be possible without the student webcast production team, the group responsible for taping and directing every broadcast whether it be a band concert or a football game. Not only are our students providing a vital service to the Notre Dame Community, but gaining hands on experience in live television production.

Whether you are a parent watching your son’s team play or an alumni catching up on the latest ND events, we hope you enjoy the broadcast. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality broadcasts and up to date replays of athletic and school events. From the field to the stage, GoGreenKnights.com will be there, so you don’t have to be!

For more information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Director of Communications, Mr. Stephen H. Kirck II at 203-933-1673 x241 or [email protected]!


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